How to Organize a Concert: Tips for Newbies

Every activity needs a serious and carefully thought organization. For music performances and concerts too. Even if a concert is planned to be held in the countryside and with the participation of young bands, then without a well-thought-out organization it will not work. If you are a newbie in organizing a concert you need to pay attention to a lot of things and if even a little thing will go wrong the whole venue can fail. Here are the tips that will help you to pull off when you organize a concert.

organize a concert

1. To attract a performer to your concert, you need to interest him/her with the appropriate fee and organize all the needed technical and working conditions, and also what is required in the rider. The size of the fee and the kind of the requirements depend primarily on the popularity of the artist or group.

If this is your first event, then it is desirable to stop your choice on the performers, well-known in narrow circles and working in styles remote from “pop” in its standard notion.
If you plan to conduct a concert with several performers, then you can confine ourselves to groups that have not yet gained popularity among the audience, but are sufficiently talented.

2. To agree upon the participation of a performer in your concert you need to talk with his/her manager whose contacts can usually be found on the official website. Inform the manager about the venue, about the type of event expected. Discuss the fee, terms, form of payment and other requirements of the artist.

3. When choosing a venue, you should not rush with the final decision. Select several suitable options. Think about whether you can afford to rent them. By the way, if the concert is scheduled for a weekday, you can try to negotiate discounts.

4. After determining the venue of the concert, you can proceed to the most important thing – the search for sponsors. You can offer to sell the internal advertising space (the back and side surfaces of the stage, bar, hall and even the cabins in the toilet), the possibility of holding contests, promo actions, shopping places, some surface billboards, flyers or tickets, a place in audio and video advertising, press conference.

5. After you manage to convince a sponsor it’s time to conduct an advertising campaign. Flyers is the oldest, but still effective mean of attracting the public. When using flyers, their distribution is of great importance. It will be optimal to unfold once in 2-3 days in the premises of youth or music shops, universities, schools and transfer directly from hand to hand in different crowded areas of the city.

Concert advertisement

6. About 10 days before an event, a press conference should be held. For journalists it is desirable to organize a buffet table at the cost of a technical sponsor, distribute invitations to a concert and promotional materials for writing articles.

7. When setting the stage and choosing the sound and lighting equipment, find out which company was engaged in their adjustment recently specifically at this venue, what was the quality of their work. Take into account the wishes and requirements of the artists themselves regarding this issue.

8. Take care of the organization of event security, because you will deal with a lot of people. In this case it is more expedient to give preference to private security companies.

9. On the day of the concert, try to meet the artists on their own, the rest, like their meals, bringing to the press conference and the venue itself can be assigned to assistants. In the meantime, you need to carefully inspect the venue together with a representative of the owners.