Setting the Stage

Concerts are a brilliant example where lights make the show what it is. I have always been really impressed as to how the stages are put together, designed, and how the lights sync up so well with the music. It really is an incredible sight to see and I have always been interested as to how the process works and how everything ultimately comes together. The three most important elements to a great concert is the music, the lighting, and the staging. So let’s see what you need for setting the stage.

So first things first, lets talk about the music! Now, the music part is a lot more complex than what you would imagine. The venue has a team of engineers who work constantly to make sure everything is set up and the music sounds good. It ultimately comes down to testing all of the microphones and making sure all of the speakers are doing what they should. There are a ton of logistics involved here that one could talk about forever.

truss systems for lighting

Next, we have the lighting. A great part of any concert of show for me is the lighting.  The lighting is a little bit more complex than the music because it has to sync well with the music and be a part of the stage so that it does not look out of place. Lighting and staging definitely go together in the sense that they need to be one nice cohesive unit in order for things to look normal.

The staging is also important because it needs to be firm and sturdy. It also needs to have ample room for the lights which can definitely cause problems. One good sturdy form of a stage and set up that is common is the Truss Display. These displays are a sort of stage that does exactly what one would need at a concert. They have a lot of room overhead for lights to hang down on, and are even made special for DJs. There are a ton of types of Truss Displays, so it is important to find the kind that is right for you.

Orbus truss sysetm

Types of Truss Displays

Truss is not only used in above mentioned venues but can be seen throughout most trade show floors used as display or rigor for show lighting. Lucky for you there are many different types of Truss Displays, from folding, steel frames, to lightweight aluminum. It is important to know what you are purchasing and what your needs are. The folding Truss displays are the best if you find yourself on the go. They are extremely compact and fold into a nice container that you can bring from venue to venue. Some do not require any tools to set up, but obviously others might. The big name brands in this area are Orbital Truss displays by Exhibe Portable.

There are also plastic Truss’ that you can purchase! These are often referred to as Cross Wire displays and are very unique. They are very lightweight and require almost no professional experience as they tend to come together like toys! I definitely recommend these for someone who wants that professional aesthetic without paying the bigger bucks for the more sturdy displays. If you are searching for something that is more professional but just as easy to travel with, aluminum displays are your best bet. They are obviously made from aluminum which make them super lightweight and easy to travel with.