How Concerts Are Promoted Today

Music-based events have always been a popular entertainment form and attract unique audiences. The global industry that has been created around concerts, festivals and related musical events is evolving and developing rapidly especially in the last decade.

Concerts can vary greatly from small local events to large-scale multiple stage concerts that are attended by hundreds of thousands of people. However, the tenets of concert promotions are similar across the board. Concert tickets go on sale as soon as promotion begins. Herein is a comprehensive overview of how concerts are promoted in today’s business age.

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In today’s world, social media is arguably the best event marketing tool that can be leveraged by just about anyone. Social media platforms are the leading digital communication channels especially for people below the age of 40. The social media outlets that are most valuable for concert promotion include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. They are the most popular online social media outlets. It is important to note that each bears its unique online role.

The first step involves creating an account such as a fan page, concert registration page or YouTube channel that the audience can associate the concert with. Social media promotion often starts a few months/several weeks before the concert in order to create a buzz around it. The registration page is promoted on the fan page where users are encouraged to engage and share. Social media accounts usually contain as much information about the concert as possible.


Radio platforms play a big role in concert promotion today. It is a great asset for concert promotion as they can reach to the specific target audience. Effective radio promotion is more than the 30-second ads.

One method that promoters employ is offering a number of tickets to give away. This guarantees that the concert will be mentioned multiple times for a prolonged period thus ensuring maximum exposure at minimal costs. This is often the best bet for local concerts promotion on local radio stations.

It results in significant saving in the midst of constrained budgets. Sometimes the musicians can be featured on the radio stations. Radio promotion also adds credibility to the event.


E-releases are gradually changing the conventional concert promotion means. Today promoters can send out legal email broadcasts depending on the target audience.

This is especially effective for a target audience that spends most of their time online. There are cost effective services available that can be used to implement an email broadcast strategy including icontact, and MailChimp.

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One may be tempted to think that traditional marketing methods do not have a place in the internet era. This is far from the truth. For concert promotion to be successful, it must incorporate all the aspects of advertising within the stipulated budget. Large concerts with looser budgets can incorporate billboard ads while posters can achieve the same effect for local concerts.

The key word here is placement. They are placed next to or in establishments where the target audience frequents. These can include music stores, theaters or clubs. In each case, the concert promoter has to comply with local posting policy and jurisdiction regulations.

There are many other marketing strategies that are employed to promote concerns. They include but not limited to television commercials, mobile app, website ads, brand sponsorship, newspaper ads, direct mail, and flyers.